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Titanium alloy in the application of oil accessories

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Titanium alloy in the application of oil accessories

Titanium alloy in the application of oil accessories

Titanium alloys are available for the following titanium equipment under petroleum mechanical processing conditions: titanium heat exchangers, filters (precipitators), storage tanks for storing petroleum and petroleum products, locking devices, sewer lines and roughened oil lines.

Titanium-lined vessels can be used for either evaporation (concentration) or distillation or for reactions in weak acids or other chloride-containing solutions, followed by nitridation of organic materials with nitric acid and other chemical reactions with the oxidizing medium The vessel used for the reaction may also utilize a vessel with a titanium liner. The chromic acid-containing solution as well as the sulfurized chromic acid solution can be chosen according to the reaction temperature of this titanium-lined container.

A certain range of applications in the chemical raw material industry confirms the use of copper and other solutions containing gas for the catalytic oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons under certain pH conditions as catalysts. Then at about 150 ~ 200t: temperature catalytic t must be set up the appropriate equipment, extensive use of acetaldehyde made of titanium manufacturing equipment. Titanium, lined piping, valves, and acid pumps consisting of rotors and stators is all made from engineered titanium. Acetic acid purification often use distillation column, most of the components included in the distillation stage is made of titanium. Such as distillation tower middle device and connectors.

Serpentine tube heaters, which prevent the formation of metal sulfates, have been tested for 30% more heat transfer compared to aluminize copper serpentine heaters. For the urea reactor, in order to obtain (recover) carbon black and in order to eliminate the stress, a reaction tower of 43 m in diameter and 8.2 m in length, which withstands a pressure of 120 T and a pressure of 130 kPa, is used to reduce gas and other various gases Pressure, this equipment is made of titanium.

The application of titanium further extends to the crude oil and petroleum processing industries. Titanium is employed to both desalination plants and organic acid plants that produce fresh or drinking water from seawater. At the same time, pumps and ducts made of welded titanium tubes and heat exchangers have proven themselves to be done reliable and durable. Titanium plates are employed to the cathodes when using copper for electrolysis.

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